Times can be tough. Nothing works as intended, people want more money from you, the dog throws up in your shoes and your parents are just very disappointed. You want to give up already, crawl in a corner completely covered by a blanket and get lost in an endless TV series with 3462 episodes. But is that what life looks like? Is that all?

It probably isn’t. Yeah, sure, things can suck and we definitely rather play video games all day than facing any problems, but that’s not the solution in the end.

We have to get up. Yes, you and me, we’re gonna get up, stop procrastinating and take our lives back. We let it slip, let problems push us down and gave up. We stop it here today! We take our lives back!

Anxiety? Yeah, fuck off. From now on, I’m not going to be afraid. I’m walking forward, I do what I have to do so that my dreams can become reality! Are you with me? Are you ready to take your life and your dreams back? Let’s do this!

We encounter difficulties, that’s just how it is. But believe it or not, life isn’t easy, problems show up everywhere and nowhere, and by conquering our problems we get stronger. Us being stronger makes the next difficulty probably less hard on us. This continues on and on until we can say “oh yeah, there is this problem coming around, it’s fine, I can solve it, easy”. And we say it without sarcasm, panic or depression. We say it because it is the truth. Until then we take the problems as they come. What other choice do we have?

A while back I wrote somewhere that we should take a different look at problems. So I’ll repeat it here: Imagine a little problem that tries its hardest to become a big problem in your life. It puts a gentle smile on to make you believe that it doesn’t have any bad intentions and that you can adopt this problem without fear, instead of having some other giant problem coming along. See how evil they are? Pretending to be small and harmless.

This problem can either get frustrated with you because you just solve it and move on, or can be extremely happy that you get swallowed by it and with that make the little problem a big problem. Now it’s dominating your life, you constantly only think about it, so the little problem sits somewhere looking at you while now having this evil smile in its face. Make no mistake! It might still look small and all that, but they are evil monsters that strive to become the biggest pain in your backside.

Now, do we let evil monsters destroy our lives? Or do we become our own superhero, defeating the evil and protecting the innocent – which, well, that’s us too. Because, let’s be real, no one else will come and save us, it is all on ourselves. So get your cape, your shield, maybe a hat as well – gotta be safe out there – and let’s go! There is a problem and you can solve it.

You got this!


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